Dominance Protocol

Sympathetic Dominance Protocol

SD or Sympathetic Dominance Protocol is a specific protocol designed to combat chronic stress that is affecting how your body heals and manages stress. It encompasses a series of different Physical, Chemical and Emotional strategies to encourage your body’s natural instinct to rest, digest, repair and reproduces. SD protocol can aid in the management of a whole host of health issues from digestive upset to anxiety and depression. It can help you take back control of your body’s full healing potential so that you can unlock better health for good.

The good news is that there is a specific protocol to ensure that your body can begin to take back control of its rest system so that you can Unlock Better Health for good! Dr Glen is the only Certified SD Practitioner in the Southern Highlands. Make an appointment to see if you are suffering from Sympathetic Dominance today. You can also complete our free Online Assessment if you think you may be suffering from Sympathetic Dominance.

What SD Protocol Helps With






Chronic Stress




Low Mood and Anxiety



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