The strength of the team is each individual member, The strength of each member is the team.


Working at Unlock Health means feeling empowered to make a difference, passionate about delivering a consistently high standard of Chiropractic Care.


Working at Unlock Health means feeling empowered to make a difference, passionate about delivering a consistently high standard of Chiropractic Care.

Life At Unlock Health

Life here is a pretty sweet deal. From world-renowned coaching and training to massages on treat Fridays! We work really hard to ensure that all our team members feel supported and empowered. We value our team as part of our family because let’s face it…we spend a lot of our time at work!

We encourage all of our team to have a healthy balance between work and home, just as we educate our patients to do the same.We believe that the environments set’s the stage for how you perform, how happy you are and how healthy you are.

That’s why at Unlock Health we have worked hard to fine-tune our culture, so the environment our team works in, allows them to be the best version of themselves while having fun at work!

  • Complimentary Chiropractic Care
  • Flexible parental leave
  • Coaching and training from world-renowned coaches
  • Long weekends
  • Flexible time off
  • Seminars and Events
  • Family Holidays & Day Spa’s
  • Community fun days
  • Progression programs
  • Stable income through employee packages
  • Sensational culture allowing you to be your best self


Associate / New DC

Finishing University soon and not sure what is next? or perhaps you are currently in your first associate position and know you have more to offer.

Senior DC:

Have you been in practice for a while with loads of knowledge that you want to share?
Or maybe you have been at your current practice for a while and want a tree change, but don’t want to have to build a patient base from scratch again.

Retiring / Slowing Down DC

Looking to retire in the next few years? Or want to slow down and just focus on helping people without the stress of running a business.

Chiropractic Assistant and support team?

Have a passion for helping others? If you love creating great conversations we would love to hear from you.

Massage Therapist / Practitioners

Are you a Remedial Therapist or allied health practitioner that wants to be apart of a multidisciplinary team?
Are you passionate about giving your clients the highest standard of care?



If knowledge is power, we’re here to give you more of both. We believe in arming patients with valuable information that protects them from daily stressors. By helping you become more aware of what it takes to achieve complete wellness, we help you reap the benefits of sustainable health. We’re able to do this by treating the underlying causes of your concerns instead of just the surface symptoms. The more you know, the healthier you become.


Your health concerns are as important to us as they are to you. As such, we’re intensely motivated to restore, replenish, and maintain your health with every tool in our arsenal. This drives us to empower you to do the things that you love without restriction or limitations. Your best life awaits and we’re eager to take
you there!


At Unlock Health we celebrate the for core reasons for our very existence; our patients, our families, traditional chiropractic and our community. Quite frankly, you’re all our true passion. We’re passionate about your health, success, and the future of Chiropractic. We don’t just embody our passion for health, we subtly pass it on to you. Giving you the knowledge and motivation to make life changing decisions that lead to a better life.


We believe health and happiness starts with a good old fashion laugh. By encouraging open-minded conversations, honest relationships, and transparent communication, we work towards creating a warm, safe, and friendly environment that helps you to heal and sustain true health. Our doors are
always open to our patients, families, and community. Our waiting rooms are nothing like you are used to!


Communication is the key to any flourishing relationship, so we brand ours with transparency and openness. From the advice we provide to the processes we execute, we make sure that you’re on the same page with us every step of the way. We establish seamless communication by employing active listening, deep compassion, and an understanding that no-one is perfect, we are simply human.
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