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You may have noticed a new buzzword in health news recently: Text neck. It may not be an official diagnosis but it is a real thing!

The long term repetitive load that our neck and shoulders are put under day in, day out when we are looking at our phone, computer, tablet or tv is taking its toll. Text neck is having a much bigger impact than what most people think, because for every centimeter the head is forward over the shoulder the weight that your neck carries almost doubles!

Is your head sitting forward over your shoulders? Does your head rest back on the car seat when you drive?

Text Neck has come about because Chiropractors found new bones growing from the back of the skull caused by the stressful modern postures we adopt. It has been shown to have a detrimental impact on our health and if left untreated it can lead to a loss or reversal of the healthy spinal curve that may lead to pain, inflammation, spinal degeneration and even limited organ function!

The good news is that it can be prevented and even corrected completely if caught early enough! So if you or someone in your family has way too much screen time or you work at a desk then check your posture today

Symptoms of Next Neck
What Next?

Our team are highly qualified but we speak your language! That’s right no mumbo jumbo just straight answers. At Unlock Health we strive to get to the bottom of exactly what’s going on with your Posture or Text Neck to get you out of pain and back to what you love doing most.

We will give you a straight answer that you can understand so that you know how to get on top of your pain and prevent it from coming back in the future.

If you want:
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Our approach is individually tailored to you, where our highly qualified chiropractors rely on their expert clinical findings and years of experience. Our newly renovated, state of the art practice utilizes the latest technology and diagnostic procedures, coupled with gentle, safe and effective chiropractic techniques.


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