Chiropractic Assistant / Community Relationship Manager

Hey, I’m Emily! I am the little burst of energy you see when you come into our practice. I love coming to work each day knowing that I get to work with an amazing team and inspiring patients, who always give me a great laugh and genuine conversation.
When it comes to events, workshops and giving back to the community, I am your go too. I work to ensure that more people can experience Chiropractic the way it was intended, focusing on the nervous system. I myself have seen different Chiropractors over the years and it was only when I came to see Unlock Health that I found the true traditional meaning and focus of Chiropractic, I wish I knew this 10 years ago!
I am a mum of 3 truly amazing kids, our busy life is something that my partner and I embrace and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I am a true local in the Southern Highlands, I am a country girl at heart who loves good food! Along with great company from family and friends.
I am excited to meet you when you come into practice and make your experience as wonderful as mine was when I first came here.