Dr Howard Yee Chiropractor

During my teenage years, I experienced a sports injury that introduced me to chiropractic care. Witnessing how it not only healed my injury but also improved my overall wellbeing inspired me to pursue chiropractic as a profession.

I have a deep passion for helping people of all ages and backgrounds, especially those dealing with headaches. Whether you’re tall, short, young, or old, if you’re committed to improving your health through chiropractic, I’m here to support you.

Outside of chiropractic, I enjoy listening to music and podcasts, watching NBA and soccer games, and tending to my car when the weather permits. I also excel at playing the violin. Hailing from Hong Kong, my favorite meal is a simple beef stir-fry noodle paired with a cup of milk tea.

Originally from Hong Kong, I’ve called Sydney home for the past 12 years, primarily in the Macquarie University area.