Dr Aymon Karout Chiropractor

I injured my back while working in a trade (Bricklaying) during high school. Chiropractic care changed my perception of my future. The effects of my injury made me realize how much people suffer from pain and disability. I wanted to make a change.

Life is fast-paced, and it is essential that our health keeps up. Things slow down as we age or recover from injury; it’s imperative to get back in action as quickly as possible and also maintain our wellness. This is why I believe chiropractic care is essential in the 21st century.

I don’t have a specific focus; I treat all patients as if they were my family. I find myself most enjoying consultations with university students, as I can empathize with their situation.

When I am not at work, you’ll likely find me fishing or binge-watching Netflix. My secret hidden talent is holding my breath underwater for over two minutes.

I enjoy a good schnitzel or steak and mash, washed down with a lemon lime bitters. Friends describe me as funny, laid-back, and outdoorsy.

I grew up and have lived in southwest Sydney my whole life (Kingsgrove/Bexley). My background is Lebanese. Being from metropolitan Sydney, I understand the rat race.

My last practice was in Bellerive, Tasmania, where I helped a diverse patient base, predominantly middle-aged to elderly patients. I transitioned to Unlock because I missed Sydney and wanted to be back where I grew up, around friends and family. The plan was always to come back home!