Technical Chiropractic Assistant

Hey, I am Suzy, well Suzanne if you prefer but I like Suzy. I am one of the Technical Assistants at Unlock Health Bowral. I assist our amazing Chiropractors in exams, education, rehabilitation and corrective exercises. My role is to help you achieve your goals and be a great support through your journey of care.
When I am not at work you will find me in the garden, I love it! I am always excited to be outside exploring nature and often head off camping with my amazing partner and our kids. I have an absolute passion for baking vegan treats and slices, which feeds my super sweet tooth.
I have been a long time advocate for Chiropractic, seeing them since my early teenage years. My whole family gets Adjusted regularly and knows the importance of a well balanced nervous system. I would be more than happy to share my life-changing story with you because of Chiropractic, just ask when you see me in practice!